Expert On Demand

Quality Service Anytime Anywhere

Deliver tailored "on-demand" customer experiences by integrating Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco Unified Contact Center in Cisco TelePresence Expert on Demand. This solution, which encompasses Cisco TelePresence Virtual Agent, uses the immersive "in person" experience of Cisco TelePresence to create customer experiences with unprecedented intimacy and differentiation far beyond traditional methods.

At the touch of a button, a customer can connect with a subject matter expert who is ready to provide tailored, in-person service. Alternatively, organizations can offer a selection of service menu options and route the customer to an appropriate subject matter expert.

Key Benefits

  • Provides high-touch, on-demand customer service when personal relationships or customer intimacy are important to the interaction
  • Delivers meaningful expert service without complicated interactive voice response (IVR) navigation
  • Builds on existing investments in Cisco TelePresence and Cisco Unified Contact Center Express
  • Capitalizes on under-used service capabilities in geographically dispersed locations
  • Makes real-time professional assistance and services available during Cisco TelePresence meetings

Sample Applications

  • An international bank provides mortgage or insurance experts to all branch offices so that expert advice is always available to customers.
  • A national retail chain offers manufacturer product expert service to guide customers through delicate product comparison and purchase decision-making processes.
  • A regional medical clinic brings subject experts to patients or doctors to consult on a case without requiring travel by either the patient or the experts.
  • An international hotel chain provides concierge services to patrons in multiple locations.
  • During a Cisco TelePresence meeting session, a decision maker brings in an attorney for on-the-spot legal advice.