Climate Change Conference Expands Impact with TelePresence

Climate Change Conference Expands Impact with TelePresence

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United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP15

United Nations Climate Change Conference

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Cisco and Denmark Take on Climate Change

How can the countries of the world meet more often, and solve problems faster, without generating more emissions? The answer: Cisco TelePresence.

Cisco TelePresence creates a live, face-to-face communication experience over the network that empowers you to collaborate on climate change like never before. The experience is so lifelike:

  • you feel like you're in the same room, just across the table from other delegates, experts, and officials
  • you can read body language
  • you can hear the nuances of speech

All of these features are especially important in cross-cultural negotiations.

Your Chance to Experience Cisco TelePresence

In partnership with the government of Denmark, Cisco is launching the Global Climate Change Meeting Platform. The platform will be deployed at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (COP15) in December. It will connect Cisco TelePresence units at COP15 and the Danish Ministry of Climate and Energy with United Nations offices in New York, Bonn, Nairobi, Geneva, and more than 75 other Cisco TelePresence locations worldwide.

Confer on Issues Face to Face

With Cisco TelePresence, you'll be able to keep your constituents in your home country engaged in the conference, converse with experts anywhere, and even conduct interviews with press organizations around the world.