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Networks are an essential part of business, education, government, and home communications. Many residential, business, and mobile IP networking trends are being driven largely by a combination of video, social networking, and advanced collaboration applications, termed "visual networking." The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) is our ongoing effort to forecast and analyze the growth and use of IP networks worldwide.

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In February 2014, Cisco released the Cisco VNI Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast, 2013 - 2018. Global highlights from the updated study include the following projections:

  • By 2018, there will be more than 10 billion mobile-ready devices and connections, about three billion more than there were in 2013.
  • By 2018, the average mobile connection speed will nearly double, from 1.4 Mbps in 2013 to 2.5 Mbps by 2018.
  • By 2018, there will be nearly five billion global mobile users in 2018, up from more than four billion in 2013.
  • By 2018, global mobile IP traffic will reach an annual run rate of 190 exabytes, up from less than 18 exabytes in 2013.


Cisco offers free applications and tools to help you better understand the performance of your network connection and how you are using network resources.

Download free mobile applications for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets that let you test your cellular and Wi-Fi connections. You can keep track of your mobile data usage, and compare your network performance and usage data with global average results. Cisco also offers data visualization sites, where you can review aggregate global and regional data summaries of findings from Cisco mobile app users worldwide.

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