Cisco Videoscape Unified Gateway Solution

Connect the Home at a Lower Cost

Bring services to cable and IP devices with a single, integrated platform.

Connect the Home at a Lower Cost

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Unified Gateways link all of your services in the home—voice, video, and data—within a single device. They make it easier to manage subscriber services, lowering your operational expenses and total cost of ownership (TCO). And they empower you to deliver a consistent, high-quality experience on all of your subscribers’ screens and devices. This improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, and your bottom line.

Cisco Unified Gateway Solution

The Cisco Unified Gateway Solution provides a simple, efficient path to the future of cable services. It uses your existing quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) channels in the access network and changes the format to IP for delivery to connected IP devices. That way, it can support all of your subscriber’s devices in the home—both traditional cable boxes and new IP devices—while preserving access bandwidth. 

Subscribers gain the flexibility to enjoy any type of content, including live and time-shifted TV, wherever they choose in their home. And service providers can take advantage of new advertising and revenue opportunities, while simplifying administration with a single data control point for the entire home network.

Lower Costs, Increase Customer Loyalty

With Cisco Unified Gateways, you can:

  • Simplify delivery of both QAM and IP video channels
  • Cost-effectively move to an all-IP solution while protecting your QAM investments
  • Give customers more control over their quality of experience
  • Help ensure consistent audio and video quality, no matter which device a subscriber uses
  • Unlock new revenue streams for multi-screen services and advertising