Cisco Videoscape Express Solution

Take the Fast Track to Digital

Step up to a profitable digital TV platform faster and at a lower cost.

Take the Fast Track to Digital

Migrate to Digital Quickly and Affordably

Deploying a digital pay-TV service is essential for service providers looking to stay competitive, attract subscribers, and increase average revenue per user (ARPU). But in emerging markets, where there are limited resources for capital and operational expenditure, the shift from analog to digital can be expensive.

Videoscape Express is an end-to-end preintegrated solution that lets you launch entry-level digital TV services quickly, and affordably. It offers a clear migration path so you can upgrade to deliver IP-driven TV experiences on a full Videoscape platform.

Videoscape Express provides a solid foundation for steadily growing your business at your own pace. It allows you to deploy digital services in a phased manner as follows:

One-Way Digital:

Bringing best-in-class components of Videoscape together so you can offer linear broadcast, live standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) channels, and increase revenue with applications such as digital video recorder (DVR) and electronic program guide (EPG) ads.

Two-Way Digital:

An elegant evolution for a small investment that lets you offer higher-ARPU services, such as global search and recommendations, video on demand, and over-the-top services.

Multiple-Screen Solutions

Incremental add-ons help you to ultimately deliver the most advanced experiences such as multiscreen Video Everywhere andCloud DVR, and to deliver second-screen apps on unmanaged clients.

While Videoscape Express reduces your up-front capital expenditures and overall total cost of ownership (TCO), it is driven by openness, industry standards, and third-party innovations. This helps to ensure that you can attract subscribers by deploying higher-ARPU services and upgrade infrastructure to adopt future technologies.

Videoscape Express comes with everything you need to rapidly deploy and monetize a digital video platform. It brings several advantages to keep your pay-TV business ahead of the competition by helping you to:

  • Gain service revenue using the industry's leading content protection
  • Take advantage of third-party developers to offer subscribers the best experiences
  • Run advanced software on set-top boxes (STBs) to enable rich user interfaces and cloud-enabled services
  • Support a range of STBs, encoders, and subscriber management systems
  • Scale your infrastructure to evolve to Videoscape advanced experiences
  • Design a unique user experience and apply multiple service levels