Cisco Videoscape Connected Video Gateway Solution

Deliver More TV at a Lower Cost

Use existing infrastructure to create an entertainment hub for the home.

Deliver More TV at a Lower Cost

Create a Personal Home Entertainment Hub

To stay competitive, regional pay-TV providers need to deliver more dynamic video experiences to multiple screens. But you also need to capitalize on your existing video infrastructure investment and keep costs low. Now you can do it all.

The Cisco Videoscape Connected Video Gateway solution provides a cost-effective platform to unleash a new generation of interactive video experiences in the subscriber home. Use it to distribute video content, metadata, and next-generation experiences to devices across the home network through a single entertainment hub.

With the Cisco Videoscape Connected Video Gateway solution, you can:

Use Existing Infrastructure

Deliver live and on-demand content to homes using your existing infrastructure. Also, take advantage of your customers' current home networks to extend your service to more of their devices. Plus, migrate to more advanced IP services in the future without having to add new equipment in the home.

Simplify Monitoring and Management

Manage content, user interfaces, and metadata from a centralized platform. This applies to all devices, from TVs to tablets to game consoles and more. You can also remotely monitor and troubleshoot your customers' connected devices without having to dispatch technicians.

Improve Experiences

Measure and monitor service usage, then apply what you learn to personalize the experience and improve quality. Extend both traditional video and IP services devices throughout the home. By providing advanced and dynamic multiscreen experiences, you can increase subscriber loyalty.

Your subscribers benefit by being able to:

  • Watch linear, on-demand, and time-shifted content on any screen in the home
  • Easily find content with unified search and personalized recommendations
  • View contextual web content on companion devices for a more immersive TV experience
  • Pause live TV on one screen and continue watching on another
  • Use social TV applications, plus view home videos, photos, and other content on their TVs