Video over IP

Meet the Demand for Personalized Video
Customers expect your network to deliver new capabilities -- HD, personalized video, new delivery vehicles, Internet, short-form content, 3D -- without delay. Cisco's Visual Networking Index predicts that by 2013, 90 percent of traffic will be video-oriented streams.

The deployment options with Cisco video over IP solutions help you tailor video delivery to your customers' increasing demands. Cisco's video over DOCSIS solution can help you to:

  • Rapidly deliver enhanced interactive services
  • Offer a personalized consumer experience with a broad range of content
  • Scale your network to support massive growth in video traffic

The delivery of IP-encapsulated video over the DOCSIS infrastructure is enabled by medianet technologies, supporting IP video streamed from both traditional and nontraditional sources.

With Cisco's ability to deliver IP-based video over a DOCSIS 3.0 infrastructure, you can:

  • Scale video delivery and implement Web 2.0 technologies to boost service delivery with simplified deployment models
  • Increase efficiency over traditional video-delivery techniques, allowing variable bit-rate encoding and statistical multiplexing
  • Extend subscriber reach, delivering video over IP services to subscribers over a wide range of IP-connected devices
  • Protect the capital investment made in your network and increase return on investment

The Cisco video over IP solutions are part of medianet, a media-aware Cisco IP Next-Generation Network (IP NGN).

The medianet can deliver media with a single end-to-end architecture, helping you to:

  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Deliver an array of interactive experiences
  • Deliver linear video through the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) control system
  • Deliver nonlinear video through Cisco Content Delivery Systems

DOCSIS 3.0 is ideal for video over IP because it supports channel bonding, increasing the amount of capacity that can be delivered to each cable modem by sending multiple channels simultaneously.

The Cisco video over IP solution includes the following features:

  • IP-enabled set-top boxes are controlled by a middleware platform that sits in the headend
  • For linear IP video MPEG, packets are encapsulated in IP for transmission across the network. Video is delivered through a Cisco cable modem termination system (CMTS), not a quadrature amplitude modulator (QAM)
  • DOCSIS 3.0 technology enables advanced video services by delivering interactive IP video to the home

Cisco Video over IP Architecture - Click to Enlarge
Cisco Video over IP Architecture
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Content Delivery Systems

Cisco RF Gateway Series
Provide a cost-effective modular DOCSIS 3.0 system with scalable, resilient edge quadrature amplitude modulators connected to the Cisco uBR10012 cable modem termination systems.

Cisco Routers

Cisco uBR Series Cable Modem Termination Systems
Cisco uBR cable modem termination systems provide the advanced feature set, density, and reliability for next-generation video over IP, including very high bandwidth services.

Cisco Carrier Routing System
Scale to 92 Tbps to meet high capacity demands and get long-term investment protection with this best-selling, high-quality, carrier-class routing system from Cisco.

Cisco 7600 Series Routers
Integrated high-density Ethernet switching, carrier-class IP/MPLS routing, and 10-Gbps interfaces let you deliver consumer and business services over one Carrier Ethernet network.

Cisco Broadband Processing Engines
These cable line cards make an ideal choice for cable operators facing the challenge of delivering carrier-class IP-based data, voice, or video services over cable networks.

Cisco uBR-MC20X20V DOCSIS 3.0 Broadband Processing Engine
This next-generation line card for the Cisco uBR10012 Universal Broadband Router delivers faster speeds and higher density.

Cisco uBR-MC88V Broadband Processing Engine
The Cisco uBR-MC88V is a next-generation line card for the Cisco uBR7200 Series Universal Broadband Router, supporting an unprecedented array of capabilities.

Cisco IPTV Set-Top Box Solutions
Set-top box solutions deliver rich media. 

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