Video on Demand and Personalized Video

Advanced Advertising Trends

Kip Compton, GM of the Video and Content Platforms Business Unit, talks about the latest trends and innovations in service velocity. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are featured. (57 sec)

Advanced Advertising Trends

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Reliable Video on Demand and Other Services

Deliver personalized video services that let consumers watch what they want, when and where they want it. Cisco personalized video solutions include:

  • Video on demand
  • Time shifting (users pause video and watch it when they want)
  • Network personal video recorders (PVRs)
  • Advanced advertising

Cisco Content Delivery Systems (CDS) let you virtualize your infrastructure to increase efficiency. You can use on-demand solutions in a hierarchical deployment instead of disparate solutions that do not interoperate.

Other benefits:

  • More effectively use central content libraries in regional vaults instead of storing content in every headend
  • Simplify content management when deployed as a single, centralized system
  • Deliver "any stream to any screen" as devices and applications evolve with the scalable and efficient distributed architecture for video on demand
  • Provide video services over flexible and scalable Cisco IP Next-Generation Networks through edge quadrature amplitude modulators (EQAMs) such as the Cisco RF Gateway Series and a hybrid fiber-coaxial access network

Cisco's extensive experience and integrated hardware and software platforms help you reduce time to market and improve reliability when launching or expanding video on demand and personalized video services.

Centrally Located Video on Demand Library

To deliver video on demand and personalized services, the Cisco CDS vault typically sits in a central location and stores the content library. Cisco CDS TV streamers deployed close to subscribers then cache the most popular content and retrieve it from the CDS vault.

Unified Video on Demand and Other Services

Cisco CDS vaults and streamers act as a single, unified system that communicates over an IP network.

Unified Video on Demand and Other Services - Click to Enlarge
Unified Video on Demand and Other Services
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Cisco Universal Session and Resource Manager (PDF - 829 KB)
This Cisco solution acts as a video on demand session manager in the system. This scalable, modular solution is capable of handling a large number of devices.

Cisco RF Gateway Series
This scalable and resilient series of edge QAMs maps switched digital video (SDV) sessions to the appropriate RF port for delivery to the subscriber’s set-top.

Cisco Explorer 8600HDC High-Definition DVR Set-Top Box Series
Bring whole home video to consumers for sharing digital video recording or user-generated, Internet-based video content across multiple set-tops or computers in the home.

Cisco Explorer 4600HDC High-Definition Digital Interactive Set-Top Box Series
This full-featured, digital multimedia gateway provides interactive services such as video on demand and data, with a Multimedia over Coax Alliance option for HD whole home video.

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