Unified Data Center

Cisco Secure Network Container

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Cisco Secure Network Container
Cisco Secure Network Container

Cisco's Unified Data Center platform will deliver a flexible infrastructure to rapidly roll out new services and accelerate revenue streams.

Unified Data Center delivers IT simplicity, financial efficiency and business agility, making it the ideal platform for hosting public, virtual private, or hybrid cloud services.

Unified Data Center removes the technology silos from the data center by delivering a fabric-based infrastructure, allowing information to live in a highly virtualized environment. By transforming your data center infrastructure into pools of resource, applications run more efficiently within, between, and beyond data centers.

Leveraging Cisco's Unified Data Center allows you to

  • Deploy and scale infrastructure quickly to speed time to service
  • Support denser provisioning of enterprise-class workloads
  • Automate provisioning with open ecosystems

The Unified Data Center provides the business agility, IT simplicity, and financial efficiency you need to deliver ITaaS for your customers.

Financial efficiencies are achieved through:

  • Consolidated network and storage connectivity infrastructure, reducing cabling and consumption of power and cooling
  • Server performance enhanced through innovations in extended memory and blade density, large-scale virtualization, and simplified network and system management across physical and virtual resources
  • A single platform and operating system, providing scalability to hundreds of physical servers and thousands of virtual machines and support increasing workloads and geographic span

IT simplicity achieved through:

  • A true multi-protocol environment on a single network (with single operating system), helping to enable efficient communication within and across data centers
  • Fabric-based architecture that can enable centralized management of massively-scalable environments featuring physical, virtual, and cloud resources
  • The ability to more securely separate workloads and virtual machines on shared infrastructure to meet security and service level agreements

Business agility achieved through:

  • Cisco Unified Fabric and Cisco Unified Computing, providing dynamic policy-based provisioning, security, and management in a virtualized environment
  • Cisco Unified Management solutions to provide automation and orchestration, self-service user portal, service catalog, and lifecycle management to enable on-demand delivery of IT as a service

Support for standards and open APIs, allowing integration with existing data center technologies and best-of-breed storage, virtualization, and management solutions

Unified Fabric: Establishes true multi-protocol connectivity within and between data centers, providing secure and highly available resources whenever and wherever they are needed.

Unified Computing: Integrates server, network, and I/O resources into a single system, centrally managed entirely through software, for easier assignment of processing power to workloads, as needed.

Unified Management: An integrated set of capabilities necessary for delivering ITaaS and built to complement existing data center management tools. Products in this category enable policy-based management of compute and network resources and use of a self-service user portal, service catalog, process orchestration, and lifecycle management.

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