Switched Digital Video - DVB

Compete Better with Switched Digital Video
Cable operators face more competition than ever before from telcos offering traditional video and from over-the-top players streaming Internet-based video to IP devices. Cisco Switched Digital Video solutions can help you compete successfully. These switched digital video solutions let you:

  • Deliver more content and greater interactivity
  • Build a flexible plant to rapidly deliver new and better IP services

Gain Control of Bandwidth Efficiency
Cisco Switched Digital Video helps you more efficiently use cable plant capacity by:

  • Splitting different neighborhoods into "service groups" of typically 500 to 1000 homes
  • Dynamically assigning cable plant capacity only for the channels actively being watched
  • Freeing up capacity that you can use to deploy new services

The switched digital video channels are indistinguishable from the broadcast channels that subscribers are accustomed to viewing.

Cisco Switched Digital Video (DVB) Architecture Diagram - Click to Enlarge
Cisco Switched Digital Video (DVB) Architecture
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Cisco Services

Cisco Services
Cisco Services takes full responsibility for an overall video solution, including any needed third-party components, the day-to-day health of the network, and ongoing improvements.

Cisco Content Contribution and Distribution Products

Cisco Universal Session and Resource Manager (PDF - 829 KB)
Get carrier-class signaling and resource management with continuous operation, and support for both table- and session-based quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) products.

Cisco Digital Content Manager (DCM) Model D9900 (NTSC and PAL)
Cisco DCM processes switched digital video streams and performs rate limiting, component processing, advertisement insertion, and security (digital video broadcast scrambling).

Cisco Edge QAM Modulators
Cisco offers a family of edge QAMs that support switched digital video (SDV), are deployable into the SDV architecture, and allow QAM sharing between SDV and VoD services.

Cisco Routers

Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing System
This carrier-class routing system transparently scales to 92 terabits per second to meet the capacity needs of video delivery today and provides investment protection for the future.

Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers
Integrated, high-density Ethernet switching; carrier-class IP/MPLS routing; and 10-Gbps interfaces let you deliver consumer and business services over one Carrier Ethernet network.

Cisco 7600 Series Routers
Deliver consumer and business services over one Carrier Ethernet network with integrated, high-density Ethernet switching; carrier-class IP/MPLS routing; and 10-Gbps interfaces.