QAM Sharing

Enhance Efficiency

Learn the benefits of Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) when shared across applications such as video on demand, switched digital video, remote storage digital video recording, and DOCSIS. (2:16 min)

Enhance Efficiency

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Improve Efficiency by Increasing QAM Capacity
Video streams (especially HD) consume large amounts of quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) capacity. With Cisco QAM Sharing, you can pool and share video on demand and switched digital video narrowcast QAMs. Pooling resources offers greater statistical multiplexing efficiencies in handling peaking and blocking conditions within either application.

Prepare for Narrowcast Sharing Benefits
The current narrowcast environment is dominated by video services. It does not currently provide significant advantages from data and video QAM sharing, but opportunities might arise in the future.

Decrease Operating Expenses
The benefits of QAM sharing across multiple video and data applications are significant. By increasing efficiency, you can save on capital expenditures and operating expenses.

Measurably Increase Capacity
The Cisco QAM Sharing solution can provide as much as 25 to 35 percent more QAM capacity than nonsharing architectures do. In addition, intra-QAM sharing (sharing the bandwidth within a QAM frequency) has been shown to provide 10 to 20 percent more capacity than does inter-QAM sharing.

Gain a Competitive Edge
Get the competitive edge you need by incorporating Cisco’s focus on future video and data QAM sharing applications and teaming with Cisco on QAM sharing initiatives.

Cisco Edge QAM Modulators
Cisco Edge QAM Modulators provide an ideal future-ready solution for deploying video on demand and other advanced digital services and for meeting video and data traffic needs.

Cisco RF Gateway 10
This universal edge QAM (U-EQAM) device provides scalability and high-availability features to support escalating QAM channel capacity needs.