Deploy Collaborative Media Production Solutions

Media production solutions are integral to the Cisco Media, Satellite, and Broadcast solution. This all IP-based workflow allows content creators and network service providers to offer new experiences to consumers.

Currently, most media companies rely on media production solutions that are managed as independent applications, supported by dedicated infrastructures and physical tapes. The result is a media production solution workflow that is fragmented, prone to delays and duplicated efforts, and poorly equipped to meet the demands of multi-platform distribution.

Cisco media production solutions provide the foundation for an end-to-end digital workflow that dynamically moves media through each stage in the media production process. With Cisco media production solutions and the Cisco Media, Satellite, and Broadcast solution, you can:

  • Gain faster access to creative assets
  • Easily extend content to any business unit, partner, or customer device, anywhere in the world
  • Reduce costs by consolidating and virtualizing media applications and infrastructures
  • Accelerate the delivery of new content by breaking down application silos and linking production processes directly with distribution platforms and partners
  • Increase revenues by repurposing content for multiple platforms and advertising models

A Medianet Foundation for Media Production

To provide a new generation of media experiences and revenue models, media companies must adopt the concept of the medianet: an intelligent network of networks that is optimized end-to-end for dynamic media experiences.

In traditional media, most aspects of content production and distribution are independent applications with fragmented infrastructures and processes. A medianet provides a single, scalable IP architecture that extends from the point of content ingest through every aspect of editing and production, across video contribution and distribution networks, all the way to the customer screen. (Figure 1)

By adopting this medianet approach, you can:

  • Transform the customer experience by delivering more content, mobility, personalization, and control
  • Take advantage of an IP Next-Generation Network (NGN) to assure a high-quality customer experience end-to-end
  • Virtualize content and applications through every phase of the media workflow, to reduce capital and operational expenses
  • Generate revenue from content and advertising in new ways, across more platforms
A medianet extends IP intelligence and collaboration throughout the media production environment, through contribution and primary and secondary distribution systems, all the way to the customer device.

Figure 1: An End-to-End Medianet
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Media Workflow Platform
Deploy an end-to-end digital workflow solution that combines Cisco IP network and data center innovations with broadcast application expertise from industry-leading media partners.

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