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Cisco Prime for Mobility

Unify the Management of Physical and Virtual Mobile Infrastructures (5:57 min)

Cisco Prime for Mobility

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Experience Unified Multidomain Network Management

Now you can increase business agility, reduce costs, and exceed customer expectations with an integrated approach to network management.

Cisco Prime Carrier Management is a comprehensive suite of software applications that simplifies the lifecycle management of carrier-grade networks and services. You can quickly benefit from investments in Cisco equipment and technologies within the highly complex and fast-evolving multidomain carrier networks. This solution simplifies and unifies the network by automating:

  • Design
  • Fulfillment
  • Assurance
  • Analysis

Cisco Prime Carrier Management provides end-to-end management, from access to the data center, helping to enable carrier-class delivery of voice, video, mobile, cloud, and managed services. With the modular architecture, you have the flexibility to deploy the entire integrated suite or do it incrementally as you evolve your business needs.

The solution consists of:

Cisco Prime Central
Easily perform service lifecycle tasks through centralized access to cross-domain operator workflows.

Cisco Prime Provisioning
Accelerate service deployments through rapid, profile-based provisioning.

Cisco Prime Performance Manager
Improve quality of service (QoS) by gathering actionable performance statistics across the entire network.

Cisco Prime Optical
Increase operational scale of your optical network through automated configuration, provisioning, and troubleshooting.

Cisco Prime Network
Effectively manage your multi-technology network through comprehensive device operation, administration, and fault management.


Cisco Prime Carrier Management Training
Learn about various opportunities available through Cisco Technical Education and our training partners. 

Cisco Prime for Evolved Programmable Networks (EPN) simplifies the management of Carrier Ethernet, unified Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), converged IP and optical transport, and cable access networks. This is accomplished through integrated and automated execution of lifecycle tasks, including service design, fulfillment, assurance, and analysis.

Cisco Prime for EPN supports highly scalable core, aggregation, and access equipment. It includes the Cisco ASR 9000 Series Routers, Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform, and Cisco Carrier Routing System (CRS) Series Routers.

Cisco Prime for EPN includes the following:

Cisco Prime Central provides centralized access to all components of the Cisco Prime Carrier Management suite. It offers a single view of integrated operator workflows, common inventory, event or alarm management, and standard interfaces for easy OSS integration.

Cisco Prime Provisioning accelerates service deployments by providing automated resource management and rapid, profile-based provisioning.

Cisco Prime Performance Manager gathers performance statistics for Cisco and multivendor network devices, providing actionable information for the entire network.

Cisco Prime Optical provides scalable configuration, provisioning, and troubleshooting of converged IP and optical transport networks.

Cisco Prime Network offers comprehensive service assurance and device management for the packet and IP domain. Its advanced capabilities include virtual connectivity discovery, root-cause identification, topology-driven troubleshooting, alarm reduction through topology-based correlation, and de-duplication.

Features and Benefits

Cisco Prime for EPN benefits include:

  • Accelerated service deployment through automated network configuration and point-and-click service provisioning
  • Lower costs through efficient utilization of network capacity and execution of service lifecycle tasks
  • Improved quality of service (QoS) through rapid fault isolation and resolution of network issues
  • Increased efficiency through seamless integration of domain managers and applications

Specifications at a Glance

  • Automatic discovery and unified, granular network visibility
  • Policy-based provisioning for TDM, DWDM, carrier Ethernet, MPLS, and MPLS-TP deployments
  • Fault monitoring and management for Cisco Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS) and RF Gateway


Scalable and Cost-Effective Management of the Mobile Network

The Cisco Prime for Mobility provides highly scalable and cost-effective management of the next generation mobile network. Tightly aligned with Cisco mobile Internet network architecture, Cisco Prime for Mobility supports a breadth of Cisco world-class mobility networking solutions. That includes the Cisco ASR 5000 and Cisco ASR 5500 core multimedia services platforms, and Cisco QuantumTM Virtualized Packet Core (Cisco Quantum vPC).

Cisco Prime for Mobility includes the following:

Cisco Prime Central gives operators a unified view of small cell access points (APs) and infrastructure by integrating with the Cisco Broadband Access Center for Telco and Wireless (BAC-TW). It offers centralized monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. It also provides a single view of integrated operator workflows across the RAN backhaul and Evolved Packet Core (EPC), for efficient delivery and management of 3G, LTE, and 4G services.

Cisco Prime Provisioning accelerates mobile service deployments by providing automated resource management and rapid, profile-based provisioning of IP RAN backhaul.

Cisco Prime Performance Manager provides fast, actionable information for the entire mobile network, including detailed network and traffic statistics, for both Cisco and multivendor devices. It supports both custom reports and more than 5300 prepackaged reports that are easily extensible.

Cisco Prime Optical provides GUI-based TDM circuit provisioning and troubleshooting, performance, and configuration management for the optical domain, supporting TDM RAN backhaul.

Cisco Prime Network provides fault monitoring and isolation for RAN backhaul and EPC, as well as topology-guided troubleshooting for RAN backhaul and visibility into the binding between Cisco Quantum vPC functions and the underlying data center infrastructure. Capabilities include virtual connectivity discovery, root-cause identification, and alarm reduction through topology-based correlation and de-duplication.

Features and Features

  • Outstanding operational scale for high-performance mobile services through integrated operator workflows
  • Improved mobile customer experience through centralized network visibility, advanced troubleshooting, and diagnostics
  • Lower TCO through pre-integrated network management software components that significantly reduce integration time and resources

Specifications at a Glance

  • Easy-to-use, web-based GUI
  • Configuration, provisioning, and fault management for unified RAN backhaul
  • Fault management for EPC and Cisco Quantum vPC
  • Support for LTE, CDMA, and UMTS services
  • Integration with Cisco InTracer, for critical and real-time session, application, and network information
  • Standards-based northbound interfaces (NBIs)


Simplify Cloud Service Assurance

Gain new insights into your data center and make the most of your physical and virtual resources with Cisco Prime for Data Center Assurance. This single, integrated performance monitoring and fault management solution helps you meet stringent service level agreements.

Cisco Prime for Data Center Assurance includes the following:

  • Cisco Prime Central, which supports operational integration and efficiency through a single point of access to integrated operator workflows
  • Cisco Prime Performance Manager, which provides fast, actionable performance metrics for network, storage, and compute
  • Cisco Prime Network, which offers automated fault management for compute and network (both physical and virtual)

Features and Benefits

Cisco Prime for Data Center Assurance enhances cloud service assurance through simplified fault monitoring and performance management of data center resources. This use case is tightly aligned with Cisco Unified Data Center and supports a breadth of premier data center networking devices and platforms.

Cisco Prime for Data Center Assurance provides:

Service Assurance and Resource Management. Get proactive, unified monitoring and management of physical and virtual resources to meet service-level agreements (SLAs). Comprehensive reports help optimize the utilization of resources.

Business Agility Through Scalable Operations. Enjoy centralized access to integrated operator workflows and intelligent, automated management of cross-domains and multitenancy environments.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Pre-integrated software with standards-based northbound interface (NBI) allows for easy integration with third-party applications. Unified, end-to-end multidomain management offers investment protection when building out data centers.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Assurance management for physical and virtual devices, servers, network, and storage
  • Service and application lifecycle management
  • Customer-to-service impact analysis
  • Compute resource optimization and future capacity planning
  • Support for Cisco data center platforms, including Nexus, Unified Computing System (UCS), and MDS series platforms, and VMware Hypervisors


White Paper: Use Cases for Data Center Assurance
Cisco Prime Carrier Management provides unified assurance across the data center and WAN.