Cisco Prime Analytics

Get Real-Time Data Analysis

Help service providers and enterprises make real-time decisions and take action.

Get Real-Time Data Analysis

Take Advantage of Big Data in Your Network

Cisco Prime Analytics provides real-time data analysis to support actionable events and dynamic dashboards, to help you get more value out of your data. This scalable, network-centric analytics platform offers the framework and interfaces for use case development across a variety of business and network management functions and industries.

With Cisco Prime Analytics, you benefit from streaming query processing, which supports continuous monitoring of live data. You also get instantaneous query processing, real-time analysis and action, and efficient use of compute resources.

Cisco Prime Analytics offers:

  • High-performance, real-time analytics with high scalability and low latency
  • Outstanding collection, with network-ready adapters and interfaces to multiple data sources
  • Customizable live dashboards that let you look at data your way
  • Reliability with high availability, failover, and online backup and restore
  • A variety of deployment architectures