Cisco Infinite Video Platform

Video Security Everywhere

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Grow Business, Improve Agility, and Increase Customer Satisfaction

As a service provider, you know firsthand the rapid changes in video viewing behavior. Your customers want more content, on more devices. And new vendors are joining the race every day to satisfy customer demands.

This presents a significant opportunity for you to change the way you work and operate. Better ensure that no matter how your customers connect, you can offer them new services quickly and maintain your speed of change.

Cisco Infinite Video Platform is a cloud video entertainment solution that can help you deliver live, linear, on-demand, and over-the-top TV services to multiple screens. Whatever access network you use to connect your customers, within and out of the home, or whatever device the subscriber uses, one cloud can serve them all.

Our Infinite Video Platform can help you:

Monetize consumer experiences

  • Provide personalized, rich, and consistent experiences on any screen
  • Grow and adapt your service with relevant and targeted offerings
  • Offer flexible pricing models like subscription, ads, a la carte, or an app store

Deliver to market faster

  • Launch Infinite Video Platform as a service for quick service introduction
  • Implement frequent service updates
  • Deploy new service enhancements in minutes instead of months

Reduce cost

  • Cut operational costs with scalable cloud infrastructure and as-a-service deployment
  • Reduce risk with a pay-as-you-grow pricing model
  • Benefit from a pre-integrated solution with a proactive roadmap