HFC Bandwidth Optimization and Enhancement

Cisco Prisma II Demo

Take a virtual tour of the Cisco Prisma II optical platform. View the mechanical design, a system overview, a listing of chassis features, and links to the full data sheets.

Cisco Prisma II Demo

Bandwidth Optimization Enhances Your Network
Several factors are causing a bandwidth crunch for cable operators, including:

  • Simulcasts of identical programming in both the analog and digital tiers
  • Growing popularity of and demand for high-definition programming
  • Increase in available channels
  • Deployment of commercial services
  • Greater voice and high-speed data traffic.

Better Position with Bandwidth Optimization
About 40 percent of North American cable systems operate at 870 MHz. These will need to leverage various bandwidth optimization solutions including 1 GHz in order to accommodate the growth in HD and broadband speeds. Systems at 750 MHz, especially those in densely populated areas, can benefit from Cisco bandwidth optimization and enhancement. Systems at 550 MHz definitely need bandwidth optimization.

Better Performance with Bandwidth Optimization
Whether your goal is to extract more performance from an existing network or to expand bandwidth capacity, Cisco can help. We have the expertise, products, and people to help you meet this challenge now and in the future.

Bandwidth Optimization Competitive Advantage
Our ability to deliver, maintain, and extend the advantages of bandwidth optimization and enhancement offers a huge competitive edge. We sell innovative products and offer professional services to turn products into end-to-end networks. The powerful array of Cisco products, services, and video expertise can increase your consumer loyalty and monthly revenues. 

Cisco One Gigahertz Expansion
This solution helps you expand bandwidth for current content offerings and plan for emerging, next-generation services to protect your investment.

Cisco Switched Digital Video
Cisco offers a complete, end-to-end, open-architecture switched digital video solution and support software for network optimization.

Cisco MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (AVC)
Access encoders for both high-definition and standard-definition video and deliver high quality and bandwidth efficiency.

Cisco Fiber Deep
Cisco's fiber deep solutions enable you to push fiber deeper into the network while reducing service group size. This solution includes many adaptable products and technologies to meet your business and service goals.

Cisco QAM Sharing
The Cisco QAM Sharing solution can provide as much as 25 to 35 percent more QAM capacity than nonsharing architectures do.

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