GigaHertz Expansion

Eliminate the Bandwidth Bottleneck
The economics of moving from 550 or 750 MHz to either 870 MHz or 1 GHz are almost identical. If your system is operating at 550 or 750 MHz and you are seeking bandwidth expansion, consider moving to 1 GHz. The Cisco 1 GHz Bandwidth Expansion solution:

  • Costs almost the same as "stopping" at 870 MHz
  • Positions you well for the future

Use Proven Equipment for Bandwidth Expansion
You can easily deploy Cisco Bandwidth Expansion and Optimization solutions at 1 GHz, greatly increasing your available capacity. Cisco fully tests all of its products and solutions to 1 GHz with a mix of analog and digital loading, helping to ensure reliable performance. In addition, customer premises equipment is already positioned to support the bandwidth growth.

Take Advantage of 1 GHz Platform Benefits
The Cisco 1 GHz platform provides the following:

  • Broadest portfolio of products designed to push fiber deeper into the network
  • Cost-effective solution for managing and expanding existing bandwidth
  • Support for the increase in demand for advanced interactive services
  • Rapid deployment of high-definition content and bundled services to include the latest voice, video, and data technologies.

Cisco 1 GHz GS7000 Node
The Cisco 1 GHz GS7000 four-port node helps you easily scale services and generate more bandwidth. With this optical node platform, no custom configuration is necessary.

Cisco 1 GHz GainMaker Nodes
Use available bandwidth to launch next-generation services with the technology available in the Cisco 1 GHz GainMaker Optical Node series