Fiber Deep Solutions

Promote Efficiency with Fiber Deep Solution
The fast-approaching high-definition (HD) world can put incredible pressure on your network. Cisco is already helping operators overcome their bandwidth challenges with a variety of optimization and expansion solutions.

The innovative Cisco Fiber Deep solution architectures:

  • Are supported by adaptable products for operational simplicity and superior performance
  • Have designs that emphasize flexible application compatibility with existing product lines

Offer More Services with Fiber Deep
The wide variety of architectural options in Cisco Fiber Deep helps you more efficiently use fiber and extend it deeper. By tailoring this solution to your specific needs, you can offer more: more HD, more on-demand, more digital content, and more targeted services.

Create an End-to-End Fiber Deep Solution
Only Cisco can create an end-to-end fiber deep solution for you. Our technology leadership provides you with the most up-to-date video transport and access solutions.

Gain a Cost Advantage with Fiber Deep
Our optics are already in use in more than 40 percent of the coaxial marketplace. This extensive reach delivers the production volume efficiencies that can result in a significant cost advantage for you. Factor in our extensive R&D commitment to transmission technology, and the Cisco advantage becomes even more powerful.

The Cisco Fiber Deep solution includes many adaptable products and technologies to help you meet your business and service goals.

Cisco Prisma II XD High-Density Optical Platform
This high-density optical platform improves performance, lowers costs, and increases reliability.

Cisco 1 GHz GS7000 Node
This next-generation 1 GHz four-port platform gives you the extra bandwidth to expand your interactive service offerings to customers.