Media Distribution Solutions, End-to-End - for Multiple Screens

Media distribution solutions allow content providers to serve hundreds of operator head-ends and affiliate locations. Providers can use media distribution solutions to meet requirements for diverse video formats, quality levels, and compression standards. Also, media distribution solutions can deliver finished content and advertising to consumers in new ways, including:

  • Multi-screen delivery to TVs, PCs, and mobile devices
  • Long-tail content that generates profit from selling smaller amounts of less-popular content
  • Web 2.0 feature integration that allows consumers to share and interact with content: tagging, commenting, participating in social networks, and making impulse purchases of content and related products

Cisco and its partners provide comprehensive media distribution solutions to help meet all of these requirements while lowering costs. These media distribution solutions allow providers to:

  • Rapidly scale new content and services to national and global audiences
  • Drive down costs, by distributing content once for all affiliates and formats
  • Provide a quality customer experience, by retaining control over signal reception and manipulation
  • Generate revenue, by extending content and brand identity across multiple platforms and consumer devices

A Medianet Foundation for Media Production

To support the newest media experiences and revenue models, media companies must adopt the concept of the medianet: an intelligent network of networks optimized end-to-end for dynamic media experiences.

In the traditional media model, most aspects of content production and distribution are independent applications with fragmented infrastructures and processes. A medianet provides a single, scalable IP architecture that extends from the point of content ingest through every aspect of editing and production, across video contribution and distribution networks, all the way to the customer screen. (Figure 1.)

By utilizing this medianet approach, you can help your customers to:

  • Transform the customer experience by delivering more content, mobility, personalization, and control
  • Take advantage of an IP Next-Generation Network (NGN) to assure a high-quality customer experience, end to end
  • Virtualize content and applications through every phase of the media value chain, to drive down capital and operational expenses
  • Profit from content and advertising in new ways, across more platforms
A medianet extends IP intelligence and collaboration throughout the media production environment, through contribution, primary, and secondary distribution systems, all the way to the customer device.

Figure 1: An End-to-End Medianet
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Mobile TV
Deliver compelling, revenue-generating video services to handheld devices, using the DVB-H standard.

Digital Broadcast Video
Simplify analog-to-digital switchover by teaming with the leader in Digital Video Broadcast in Europe: Terrestrial (DVB-T) solutions.

Primary Satellite Distribution
Primary Satellite Distribution offers industry-leading, standards-based solutions that deliver high-quality compressed video, audio, and data content, while minimizing expenditures.

Cisco Video Assurance Management
Cisco Video Assurance Management provides real-time centralized monitoring of head-end/hub office and core, distribution, and aggregation networks for broadcast video transport.

Broadcast Network and Video Service Management
Monitor, manage, and control equipment and services end to end with the Cisco ROSA Video Service Management system.

Content Delivery System
Cost-effectively deliver entertainment content anywhere, anytime with this advanced, scalable solution.

Cisco TelePresence
Empower people to meet, share content, and consult with experts without traveling by providing a live, face-to-face meeting experience over the network.

Cisco Video Quality Experience
Cisco Visual Quality Experience speeds channel change times, and eliminates network congestion and access line bit errors.

Cisco Digital Media Suite
The Cisco Digital Media System offers a flexible and comprehensive solution for digital signage and desktop video.

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