Digital Video - DVB

Improve Performance and Reliability
Digital cable consumers expect reliable, high-quality entertainment, information, and communications experiences. Cisco cable solutions, products, and systems, including digital headends, deliver the performance and reliability that are essential to successful analog and digital cable operations.

Increase Flexibility and Control
The unified end-to-end Cisco Digital Video Delivery System offers:

  • Simplified integration of broadcast linear TV, video on demand, switched digital video, and other services
  • Service and transport flexibility, with the ability to deliver MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 services, and a future migration path to IP video services
  • Full control over how a service looks and how it can dynamically change over time
  • Flexibility to change services and channel lineups easily
  • Full redundancy, including different backup scenarios

End-to-End Digital Headend Solutions
A digital headend consists of multiple building blocks. Cisco has a dedicated solution for all headend elements, based on flexibility and open standards. Depending on the IP router, digital headends perform multiple functions, including:

  • Acquisition: Services are acquired, preprocessed, and distributed in an IP format.
  • Processing: Multiple steps include:
    • Component remultiplexing
    • Processing program-specific information (PSI) and specific information (SI)
    • Transrating and statistical remultiplexing
    • Monitoring the individual service, advertisement insertion, and scrambling
  • Encoding: Encoding can be from analog or digital to MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (AVC), both high definition and standard definition.
  • Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM): High-density QAM products for data, voice, and video support both linear and nonlinear content.
  • Management: A network operations center monitors and manages the individual services.

Cisco End-to-End Digital Headend Solutions - Click to Enlarge
Cisco End-to-End Digital Headend Solutions
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Cisco Content Contribution and Distribution Products

Cisco MPEG-4 Encoders
These MPEG-4 AVC high-definition and standard-definition encoders help increase bandwidth to support advanced services and new or expanded customer-driven services.

Cisco MPEG-2 Encoders
From the simplest encoding application to the most complex, these encoders offer the flexibility to integrate features, performance, and cost without sacrificing video quality.

Cisco Digital Content Manager (DCM) Model D9900 (NTSC and PAL)
This dense multiplexer and video-processing platform can help you launch and manage digital services now and in the future, while meeting your operational needs.

Cisco Network Management Solutions

Cisco ROSA Network and Video Service Management
The ROSA management system provides a single point of control and remote operations capability that helps you establish and maintain full control of the headend.

Cisco Video Assurance Management Solution
Get real-time, centralized, end-to-end monitoring of the headend and hub office and core, distribution, and aggregation networks for broadcast video transport.

Cisco Edge QAM Modulators
The Cisco XDQA24 and RF Gateway 1 QAMs are all deployable into a flexible architecture and support IP multicast and interoperability with standard IP switches and switch routers. 

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