Cisco Converged Cable Access Network

Experience the Connected Life

Transform the TV experience with cloud content, communications, and lifestyle applications that take video beyond entertainment.

Experience the Connected Life

Industry-Leading Performance, Lower Costs

Even as managed services operators move to IP in some parts of their networks, many still rely on previous-generation cable access infrastructures designed to deliver services only to the TV. These legacy networks carry high operating costs and make it difficult to integrate cloud-based content and applications into the TV experience.

The Cisco Converged Cable Access Network provides a DOCSIS 3.0 access platform to help you migrate to an end-to-end IP infrastructure. Using DOCSIS 3.0, the solution lowers costs, boosts scalability, and helps you bring a new world of cloud-based content and applications to the TV experience.

The Cisco Converged Cable Access Network:

  • Provides industry-leading DOCSIS 3.0 scalability with the new Cisco uBR-MC3GX60v Broadband Processing Engine which delivers 10 times the capacity and 20 times the speed of DOCSIS 2.0 solutions at a fraction of the cost per channel
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by converging digital video, IP video, voice, and broadband data services onto a single shared infrastructure
  • Increases service velocity with the ability to develop and rapidly deploy new services with web-based toolkits and skills
  • Provides an easy migration path to evolve your deployed cable assets to an all-IP infrastructure

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