Fast, Reliable Media Contribution Solutions

Media contribution solutions are part of the overall Cisco Media, Satellite, and Broadcast solution. These solutions let you:

  • Edit and modify content for regions and sponsors
  • Add special graphic treatments
  • Transport content, error-free, to dispersed facilities

In a sporting event, for example, video feeds may originate from a stadium and be edited and enhanced at an onsite editing facility. They are then transported to a national or global broadcast center for distribution.

Cisco is facilitating acceptance of IP as a transport technology for real-time and file-based media. Full-feature IP media contribution solutions and the cooperation of many Cisco partners help achieve this goal.

Cisco media contribution solutions deliver the performance and availability that real-time broadcast environments demand. These solutions also provide the flexibility, granular control, and substantial cost savings of IP networks, and help you:

  • Get content on air and online more quickly
  • Reliably deliver content to studios and distribution partners for a fraction of the cost of satellite contribution systems
  • Deliver content anywhere with a single network that supports all services, video formats, and quality levels
  • Reduce production costs by decoupling the point of video ingest from physical editing and production facilities

Medianet Foundation for Media Contribution Solutions

To provide a new generation of media experiences and revenue models, media companies must embrace the concept of the medianet. A medianet is an intelligent network that is optimized end to end for dynamic media experiences.

In the traditional media model, most aspects of content production and distribution are independent applications with fragmented infrastructures and processes.

A medianet foundation in media contribution solutions provides a single, scalable IP architecture that extends from the point of content ingest through every aspect of editing and production. It crosses video contribution and distribution networks all the way to the customer screen (Figure 1).

Figure 1: An End-to-End Medianet

Figure 1: An End-to-End Medianet
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By embracing this medianet approach in media contribution solutions, you can:

  • Transform the customer experience by delivering more content, mobility, personalization, and control
  • Take advantage of a Cisco IP Next-Generation Network to help ensure a high-quality customer experience end to end
  • Virtualize content and applications through every phase of the media value chain to reduce capital and operational expenses
  • Make content and advertising profitable in new ways, across more platforms

Control Quality to Meet any Requirement
Cisco advanced video encoders, decoders, and IP gateway solutions support all major video compression technologies and formats, so you control quality, latency, and bit rate.

Cost-Effectively Deliver Services
The Cisco Optical Networking System lets you cost-effectively deliver voice, video, and data services with a comprehensive optical portfolio of multiservice platforms.

Optimize WANs
Accelerate demanding video, audio, and data applications over IP WANs with the comprehensive Cisco Wide Area Application Services WAN optimization solution.

Monitor Networks in Real Time
Monitor in real time your headend or hub office and core, distribution, and aggregation networks for broadcast video transport with the Cisco Video Assurance Management Solution.

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