Cisco Conductor for Videoscape

An Immersive Media Experience

The new Cisco Videoscape unifies cloud-based content, network, and clients. See an overview in this launch event webcast.

An Immersive Media Experience

Cloud-Based Content, the Network, and Clients

To deliver a truly immersive, unfettered media experience, all elements of the system should work together as one.

Cisco Conductor for Videoscape links cloud-based content, the network, and clients into a unified system. It provides a standards-based communications pathway to support presence, real-time application information, resources, and social networking.

The Power of the Cloud

With Cisco Conductor for Videoscape, you can:

  • Dramatically scale services, extending cloud-based experiences to virtually any device, across managed or unmanaged networks
  • Manage Videoscape devices across the entire lifecycle, including activation, configuration, diagnostics, and firmware and software updates
  • Deliver a new generation of cloud-based applications that integrate presence, social networking, session-shifting across devices, detailed customer usage tracking, advanced advertising, and more.

Unify the Cloud and Client Architecture

Cisco Conductor, an XMPP-based real-time messaging bus, consists of a common communications platform and control services running on top of the platform.

The Conductor communications platform provides an infrastructure of reusable functions that make it easy to create services for the cloud.

Cisco Conductor binds all Videoscape components, applications, and services into a single, intelligent system. You can deliver immersive cloud-based experiences - anywhere, anytime.