Cable Separable Security Solutions

Offer Set-Top Boxes with Separable Security

Effective July 2007, U.S. cable operators that have not received waivers from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) must provide subscribers with set-top boxes that deliver separable security. Security functions must be separate from the set-top box so consumers have the option to purchase set-top boxes from sources other than the cable operator.

Cisco separable security solutions help you define and increase service tiers for each customer while delivering protected advanced digital services:

  • Separable security Multi-Stream CableCARD module (M-Card) solutions are backed by PowerKEY, our conditional access system. More than 40 million consumers globally currently deploy PowerKEY, which has never been compromised.
  • Cisco M-Card solutions combined with set-top box solutions provide another option to protect the integrity of cable services.

Cisco offers a range of cable and cable-IP hybrid models that support separable security, from standard-definition (SD), digital-only models to Cisco HD Whole-Home DVR content. Our separable security solutions can help your site adhere to the latest technology standards while offering a flexible platform for service evolution.

Set-top boxes with embedded security will continue to be available to those sites and operators that have received FCC waivers.

Separable Security Solution Features

Cisco's expanding portfolio of CableCARD-enabled set-top boxes ranges from SD, digital-only to dual-tuner, high-definition (HD) digital video recorders.

Cisco set-top host software features:

  • Display of CableCARD information on diagnostic pages
  • Alert display when CableCARD is removed
  • Alert display when a failed or unsupported card is inserted
  • Restart of set-top upon valid M-Card insertion
  • Prevention of DVR content playback from an internal or external hard drive unless a validated CableCARD is present

Cisco DNCS 2.2 (and later) features:

  • Support for both single- and multi-stream CableCARD
  • Wide deployment and capability to support CableCARD from the headend

Cisco DNCS 4.0 (and later) features:

  • Support for tru2way in addition to CableCARD
  • Support for delivery of tru2way applications, including object carousel support and common download

Deliver Decrypted Digital Programming (PDF - 100 KB)
Insert the Cisco M-Card in a tru2way-certified set-top, TV, or other host device, and this removable security module delivers decrypted digital video programming or other services.

Help Customers Share User-Generated Video
The Cisco Explorer 8600HDC High-Definition DVR Set-Top Box Series enhances multimedia capabilities and control so consumers can easily share digital recording or user-generated video content.

Provide Next-Generation Capabilities
The Cisco Explorer 4600HDC High-Definition Digital Interactive Set-Top Box Series delivers interactive services while incorporating next-generation capabilities in a single device.

Easily Convert Subscribers to HD (PDF - 530 KB)
Efficiently merge HD video and broadband digital video services with the Cisco Explorer 1640HDC High-Definition Digital-Only Interactive Set-Top Box Series.

Combine Quality and Interactivity (PDF - 491 KB)
Combine quality with interactivity for innovative service possibilities and to recapture valuable bandwidth with the Cisco Explorer 1540C Digital-Only Interactive Set-Top Box Series.

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