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Cisco IP NGN Design for Video Service Delivery

Provide New Connected Life Services

Support a wide range of user-generated content, interactive communities, and video-based applications that go far beyond simply viewing video.

Today’s video subscribers demand a “Connected Life,” with services anywhere, anytime, and on any device. In the current competitive landscape, you need to offer differentiated, highly personalized customer experiences, including emerging Video 2.0 services. Just as the Internet evolved from a repository of static published content to a communal, fully interactive exchange, so, too, will Video 2.0 promote a wide range of:

  • User-generated content
  • Interactive communities
  • Applications that incorporate both video and other media
  • New ways to consume traditional video sources

To provide new Video 2.0 services, you must address a new set of requirements:

  • Services must be easily delivered to many different devices in additionto the TV
  • Hybrid fiber-coaxial plant capacity needs to be expanded and managed intelligently
  • Programming needs to evolve from a generic to a fully personalized viewing experience

The Cisco IP NGN Design for Video Service Delivery, built on the Cisco IP Next-Generation Network architecture, provides a flexible, unified platform to meet subscriber demands for new “Video 2.0” services, and your need for a simple and standardized design to speed service delivery. It can offer:

  • Traditional video delivery to TVs
  • DOCSIS-based delivery to PCs and Wi-Fi–connected mobile devices
  • Delivery to cell phones over a mobile network

Because Cisco tests the architecture and solutions extensively in various labs, using the configurations of deployed cable systems, you can offer new services more quickly.

New Products and Enhancements

Internet Streaming Cisco Content Delivery Applications
Internet applications and cable video services are converging, and the Cisco Content Delivery Systems are the unified platform making new services possible. And now, with Cisco’s new Internet streaming Cisco Content Delivery Applications, you can deliver the Connected Life, not just to set-tops, but to any Internet-connected device.

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