Cable High Speed Data (HSD) Solutions

Gateway to the Connected Life

Learn how the Cisco DOCSIS 3.0 solution helps you deliver the Connected Life by increasing upstream and downstream speeds significantly. (PDF - 429 KB)

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Offer Next-Generation Services with DOCSIS 3.0 
Medianet, a media-aware Cisco IP Next-Generation Network (IP NGN), can deliver all types of media with a single end-to-end architecture. You can reduce operating expenses and deliver an array of interactive experiences with its specialized layers for:

  • Applications
  • Media delivery and control
  • Network transport

Cisco Cable High-Speed Data solutions are part of the medianet architecture. They use standards-based DOCSIS 3.0 products and technologies so you can provide the consistent, high-quality multimedia experiences that today’s consumers demand. Using Cisco Cable High-Speed Data solutions with DOCSIS 3.0, you can:

  • Offer ultra-high 100+ Mbps symmetrical broadband speeds to subscribers through your existing cable plant
  • Target technology additions on a node-by-node basis
  • Let subscribers quickly download and upload comprehensive mulitmedia content, cutting the cost per bit with DOCSIS 3.0 channel bonding
  • Increase service and management efficiencies
  • Deploy advanced services to residential and business customers, with minimal risk and low capital expenditures, including:
    • Tiered and basic Internet data services
    • Cable IPTV
    • Digital video and voice

Blend Broadband Cable and IP Core Technology 
Cisco Cable High-Speed Data solutions with DOCSIS 3.0 provide both modular and integrated services. They blend broadband cable RF technology with Cisco highly secure, scalable, and flexible IP core technology.

Cisco DOCSIS 3.0 Solution Architecture - Click to Enlarge
Cisco DOCSIS 3.0 Solution Architecture
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The Cisco uBR10012 Universal Broadband Router, part of the Cisco Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS), more than doubles downstream density with:

  • Shared port adapter (SPA) and SPA Interface Processor cards
  • MAC processing
  • Channel bonding

The SPA and SPA Interface Processor modules connect via Gigabit Ethernet to edge quadrature amplitude modulation (EQAM) devices. Channel bonded cable modems, including the Cisco DPC3000, DPC3202, and DPC3425, are the final solution component.

Increase Speed, Efficiency, and Bandwidth

Based on the latest CableLabs specifications, these DOCSIS 3.0 solutions provide downstream bonded service. They offer more downstream bandwidth for existing DOCSIS 1.x and 2.0 customers at a fraction of the cost of adding downstream line cards to a CMTS. You can:

  • Provide speeds greater than 300 Mbps downstream and 100 Mbps upstream
  • Increase the capacity of your existing infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of an integrated CMTS downstream QAM
  • Reduce node splits and other bandwidth-management costs with downstream QAMs and load balancing
  • Lower your DOCSIS 3.0 time to market, cost, and deployment risk

Cisco Routers

Cisco uBR10012 Universal Broadband Router 
Deliver greater bandwidth and meet large-scale service demands with this proven, expandable DOCSIS 3.0, Euro-DOCSIS, and PacketCable Multimedia–compliant CMTS.

Cisco uBR7225VXR Universal Broadband Routers
Get the power and reliability of Cisco high-speed data technology in emerging markets and Tier 2 and 3 cable networks. This affordable CMTS has four downstream and 16 upstream ports.

Cisco ASR 9000 Series Aggregation Services Routers
Offer consumer and business services over a single Carrier Ethernet network with integrated, high-density Ethernet switching; carrier-class IP/MPLS routing; and 10-Gbps interfaces.

RF Gateways

Cisco RF Gateway Series
Converge high-speed, high-bandwidth data and video with these universal EQAM products that support digital broadcast, switched digital video, video on demand, and DOCSIS solutions.