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Helping Cable Operators Compete

The Cisco cBR-8 Converged Broadband Router offers up to 10 Gbps access speeds.

Helping Cable Operators Compete

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Deliver More Broadband Services with Less Cost

Cable Operators are under more competitive pressure than ever before.  Among current challenges:

  • Competition for broadband services becomes more intense. Gigabit Service offerings become a new norm.
  • Consumer demands on data speeds continue to increase exponentially, while hub space and power are limited.
  • Consumers are expected new services and applications working seamlessly and delivered instantly.

The Cisco vision for cable access transformation addresses these needs and more.  Additionally, it can help you take full advantage of your current investments, and transform your infrastructure when and where your customers need it.

Cisco cable access solutions include current and soon-to-be-released products that help cable operators:

  • Reduce expenses by simplifying networks and offering more services  
  • Deploy a next-generation CCAP offering that pulls together multiple products and software-defined network architecture (SDN)
  • Lead the transformation to SDN-based digital fiber and IP-centric infrastructure
  • Strategically approach virtualization through highly-capable hardware and converged end-to-end software products

These new solutions bring together multiple technologies to access networks. This helps you cut costs, simplify management, rapidly deploy services, and boost revenue.