Advanced Advertising

Today’s cable networks are excellent platforms for advanced advertising. With the Cisco Advanced Advertising solution, you can easily address the millions of set-tops already deployed. In combination with new methods to measure viewership habits and facilitate targeted advertisements, you can gain higher revenues from advanced advertising than ever before.

Target Advertising to Increase Revenue
With digital advertisement insertion, you can increase average revenue per user (ARPU) by selling spots to local advertisers. The flexible Cisco Advanced Advertising solution helps you:

  • Deliver addressable advertising for both linear and nonlinear services, including switched digital video and video on demand
  • Target advertisement zones in specific geographic areas or use switched digital video (SDV) to precisely target demographic profiles
  • Gain valuable insight into the viewing habits of subscribers so that you can customize advanced advertising offerings

Cisco Advanced Advertising Solution

  • Is fully standards based for interoperability and easy integration
  • Supports Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) 30 and SCTE 35, and will support the emerging SCTE 130
  • Uses the Cisco Digital Content Manager (DCM) for local advertisement insertion

Network-Based Advertisement Insertion
Insert advanced advertising in video-on-demand (VoD) systems with the following features:

  • Flexibility and scalability from the Cisco Content Delivery System
  • Advertisement insertion into each VoD asset before or while it is played
  • Advertisement selection in the future using SCTE 130 to target income, zip code, gender, or other demographic information

Set-Top Advertisement Insertion

  • Set-tops are field-tested
  • In the tru2way environment, advanced advertising applications:
    • Provide additional information through telescoping
    • Allow customers to bookmark advertisements
    • Select the optimal advertisement based on demographics or viewing patterns

Advanced Advertising Process
As the following diagram shows, the Cisco DCM grooms and splices advertisements. First an SCTE 35 digital cue tone indicates an advertisement insertion opportunity. Next the splicing DCM uses SCTE 30 APIs to get the advertisement from a server and then easily insert it into the stream. 

Advanced Advertising Process Diagram - Click to Enlarge
Advanced Advertising Process
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Cisco Digital Content Manager
This primary component of the Cisco Advanced Advertising solution provides the critical video grooming and splicing needed for advertisement insertions.

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