Advanced Advertising - DVB

Advanced Advertising Trends

Kip Compton, GM of the Video and Content Platforms Business Unit, talks about the latest trends and innovations in service velocity. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are featured. (57 sec)

Advanced Advertising Trends

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Complement Programming with Advanced Advertising

Digital advertisement insertion helps you increase average revenue per user by selling space to local advertisers. Cisco offers a flexible advanced advertising solution that lets you easily insert advertisements in:

  • Linear programming (for digital video or switched digital video [SDV] systems)
  • Nonlinear programming (for video on demand)

Deploy Innovative Advertising Insertion

The Cisco Advanced Advertising solution is a solid investment with long-term usability because it is:

  • Fully standards-based for interoperability and ease of integration
  • Designed to support SCTE 30 and SCTE 35, the standards typically used for linear advertisement insertion
  • Compatible with future technologies through support for the emerging SCTE 130 specification

The new SCTE 130 standard for advanced advertising has the potential to go beyond geographic market segmentation into a highly refined, user-addressable environment. 

Cisco Advanced Advertising (DVB) Architecture Diagram - Click to Enlarge
Cisco Advanced Advertising DVB Architecture
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SDV Systems

The Cisco Advanced Advertising solution lets you target advertising zones in geographic areas or use SDV to precisely target advertisements based on demographic profiles. The local advertisement insertion solution is based on the Cisco Digital Content Manager (DCM).

Video-on-Demand Systems

As video on demand (VoD) and other personalized services grow, VoD advertisement insertion is of new strategic importance. Cisco Content Delivery Systems provide the flexibility and scalability to insert advertisements according to your needs:

  • You can pre-insert advertisements into each VoD asset or dynamically insert them during playout.
  • Cisco Content Delivery Systems can dynamically select advertisements through a campaign manager and insert them based on demographic or other data.


Cisco solutions let you run advertising applications directly on the set-top. In interactive environments, advertising applications provide a new level of consumer interactivity to:

  • Provide additional information through telescoping advertisements
  • Allow consumers to bookmark advertisements they wish to see later
  • Select the optimal advertisement for a given viewer based on demographic profiles or viewing patterns

Set-top-based advertisement insertion can work in conjunction with a network-based system to improve targeting and delivery. 

Cisco Digital Content Manager
The Cisco DCM provides the critical video transrating and splicing you need for advertisement insertions. It can also perform digital video broadcasting simulcrypt scrambling.

Cisco Content Delivery Systems
Deliver personalized and on-demand content with these flexible, scalable systems.

Cisco Digital Cable Set-Tops
All the Cisco digital cable set-tops, including the Cisco Explorer 4000 and 8000 Series, support VoD for full investment protection. 

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