Innovation Centers

Cutting Operating Expenses by 30%

The openBerlin Center promotes innovation in manufacturing, transportation, and logistics. (2:56 min)

Cutting Operating Expenses by 30%

Innovative Technology, Global Access, Local Results

The Cisco Innovation Centers accelerate opportunities, deepen relationships, and foster innovation. Innovation Centers are placed around the world, and each serves as a hub to:

  • Showcase what is possible with digital transformation and IoT
  • Build solutions with partners and startups, and engage in rapid prototyping
  • Invest and partner with startups, accelerators, and universities

Solve Your Business Challenges

Our Innovation Centers put digital transformation in your hands. Your company can try out the newest products and technologies, and collaborate with the right people to solve your business challenges. Work together, all in one place, to achieve the outcome you want.


Maintain a Competitive Edge

Connect with the latest technologies. See the latest ideas from Cisco and partners and explore the possibilities of digital transformation. Through Cisco Innovation Centers, we are creating stronger connections between technology and people’s lives. We are providing an open environment where the best and brightest can share their ideas.

IoT and Digital Transformation

Connect people, data, processes, and things.

A Resource for Developers

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