Cisco Connected Fleet

Intelligent Vehicle Networking

Smart communication in the cloud facilitates efficient fleet management. (2:51 mins)

Intelligent Vehicle Networking

According to ABI Research, global fleet management revenues will grow from $9.08 billion in 2013 to $27.61 billion in 2018. In the U.S. alone, more than 12 million fleet vehicles hit the road every day. These fleets keep our global economy running by delivering the products that enterprises and consumers rely on daily.

When an enterprise's vehicle fleet is not managed effectively, it not only increases expenses for that business, but also impacts pollution levels, the condition of roads, and the prices we pay for food, clothing, furniture, electronics, and just about every item we use at work and in our homes.

To increase fuel efficiency, reduce operating costs, comply with government regulations, and improve customer service, companies are relying more and more on new technologies. Vehicle telematics is at the heart of today's fleet management systems and is a convergence of telecommunications and information processing. Cisco is helping to transform commercial fleet management by providing highly secure and intelligent networking and mobility solutions. Cisco solutions, integrated with partner offers such as Davra Network's RuBAN Suite, deliver an end-to-end solution for effective fleet management.

Davra's dashboard software communicates with Cisco products like the 819 ISR, which provides real-time monitoring, tracking, and management of large and small fleets. Vehicle telematics captures and sends vehicle data such as gas level, tire pressure, and maintenance details to improve safety and keep more vehicles in service. GPS tracking provides more efficient routing, faster delivery times, and reduced driver fatigue.

Cisco Connected Fleet solutions and intelligent networking help:

  • Reduce carbon footprint to cut costs by monitoring mileage and driving patterns
  • Monitor stolen vehicles and provide quick recovery or automatic shutdown
  • Notify fleet managers immediately when an accident or other incident occurs
  • Integrate fleet management software with enterprise business systems such as accounting
  • Enable organizations to meet and comply with industry regulations and government mandates

Today's vehicle fleets range from small automotive fleets to fleets of tens of thousands of heavy-duty trucks. Cisco and our valued transportation partners can design a solution to fit the unique needs of your organization in order to address the things that impact your business the most.


Cisco 819 Integrated Services Router

This Cisco machine-to-machine gateway connects networks in even the harshest outdoor environments. It is designed to withstand the shock and vibration typical in the transportation industry.

Cisco IE 2000 and 3000 Series Switches

Cisco Industrial Ethernet (IE) 2000 and 3000 Switches provide a rugged, highly secure infrastructure. With open standards-based security, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and industrial design and compliance, they are ideal for harsh outdoor environments.

Cisco Video Surveillance 6000 Series IP Cameras

Cisco Video Surveillance 6000 Series IP Cameras are high definition (HD) with an open, standards-based design. The cameras provide an ideal platform for operation as independent devices or as part of a Cisco Video Surveillance Network.

Cisco Aironet 3500 Series Access Points

Built on Cisco CleanAir technology, these are the first 802.11n access points to create a self-healing, self-optimizing wireless network.

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences solution is built on location intelligence from the Cisco Wi-Fi network and Mobility Services Engine. It can help transportation organizations increase efficiency with passenger location tracking, and boost satisfaction with location-enabled mobile applications.