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A Better Commute

Improve traffic flow and offer differentiating services to commuters.
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Enhance the Delivery of Critical Transportation Services

Build the foundation for highly secure, intelligent transportation systems across multiple modalities. These systems can help foster innovative, real-time communications and collaboration while helping ensure safety and security.

Smart+Connected Transportation integrates workplaces, residential buildings, travel service providers, airlines, and hotels onto a single platform promoting a seamless transportation experience to increase sustainability and productivity. These solutions help communities to:

  • Increase productivity during the daily commute
  • Improve sustainability and reduce environmental impact
  • Optimize community transportation and logistics management
  • Deliver critical citizen services anytime, anywhere

Case Studies

Additional Resources

  • Connected Transit in Seattle
    Eurotech uses a Cisco IP network for highly secure data, voice, and video in buses.
  • The Connected Bus (PDF - 1.0 MB)
    Learn more about the transportation partnership between the City and County of San Francisco and Cisco.


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