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Stage a World-Class Event

Discover the opportunity for your community to host a safe, successful event.
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Team with Cisco to Score a Major Success

Get the tools you need to stage a world-class sporting event that will benefit your entire community for years to come.

Cisco has the technology and experience to help ensure the success of large international and regional sports competitions. Use your network as the platform to offer services for a safe and highly enjoyable experience:

  • Digital signage helps fans find their seats, the nearest restroom, and more
  • Transportation services can improve traffic flow and deliver information to kiosks and wireless devices in multiple languages.
  • Travelers can move safely and comfortably through airports equipped with environmental controls and video surveillance.
  • Coordinated emergency services help public safety officials collaborate and communicate in real time.

These services, and many more, help to engage your fans, differentiate your event, and make a lasting impression on your community and the world.

Solution Overview

  • Hosting Large Sporting Events (PDF - 381 KB)
    Learn how smart technologies can help communities with security, transportation, outreach, and more.
  • Improving Safety at Mega Events (PDF - 795 KB)
    Read the IDC white paper to learn more about smart approaches to safety and security for citizens at mega events.
  • Lasting Benefits of Safety & Security (PDF - 561 KB)
    This insight paper explains how your network can be the platform for the long-term protection and welfare of your community.
  • Ukraine's Premiere Connected Stadium (PDF - 201 KB)
    This case study describes how a Connected Stadium platform makes Donbass Arena a destination for football in Europe and a local attraction.

Additional Resources

  • Mega Sporting Events Overview (Video - 2:36 min)
    Explore the opportunities of Mega Sporting Events and the business benefits of transforming the experience for attendees.


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