Cisco Energy Efficient Data Center Solutions and Best Practices

It has taken more than 30 years for the data center to evolve to a point of modularity that is conducive to alignment of efficiencies in use and design across disparate infrastructures. The modern environmental, or "green", movement has also taken 30 years to evolve to a point where the economics of sustainable practices are well-understood. Traditionally, environmentalism has been perceived to be at odds with economic prosperity. Due in part to advances in information technology, communications, and computer-aided design (CAD) and planning, this mindset is being challenged in the IT industry today. IT professionals have been asked to do more with less for some time now and therefore are quite familiar with achieving efficiencies in applications and data center operations.

This document discusses how IT professionals can better design power and cooling efficiencies in their data centers through the strategic application of Cisco and partner technologies. It seeks to empower IT professionals to work more effectively with their facilities counterparts. Because the entire industry is in the planning phase regarding green data center operations, the intent of this document is to share best-practices solutions that Cisco has in place today. Cisco will continue to provide leadership for its customers and partners on the principles of green networking.