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Cisco Omnianalytics provides intelligence for omnichannel retailing. (4:21 min)

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Getting from Big Data to My Data

Big data offers a powerful and exciting opportunity for retailers. But it can also be paralyzing to manage. Metrics typically don’t mean much until your store has access to the right data to meet your specific business needs. Then they become a powerful tool to drive efficiencies and support omnichannel strategies, also referred to as "omnianalytics."

Cisco FastRetail analytics solutions help enable information-gathering and assessment of data not only within the store, but across the entire chain, across all layers, using sensors based on the Internet of Everything. By relying on these capabilities, you can create a greater sense of intimacy in the shopper experience while gathering metrics to help improve efficiency across your organization.

Analytics for the Customer Journey

Each layer of the customer journey, from call center, social, mobile, points of sale, store operations, through transactions, generates different metrics that give you important insights. Traditionally, each of these layers uses a different system for gathering information. Social-local-mobile (SoLoMo) business intelligence solutions provide a 360-degree understanding of operations and experience across all your brand touchpoints, including visibility into on-shelf availability, promotion effectiveness, shopper path, and conversion metrics.

Analytics for the Store Operation

Cisco's FastRetail solution also uses predictive analytics to help you identify savings within your store’s operations. By deploying a variety of sensors within the physical store, retailers like you can tap valuable new sources of information that, when fused with operational, social, hyperlocal, and mobile data by predictive analytics, reveal previously hidden patterns of behavior and new insights.With this solution, you can optimize checkout service levels, monitor out of stocks, track possible shoplifters in real time, and assess supply chain performance.

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