Public Sector Healthcare

Better Approach to Telehealth

Learn the Cisco approach to telehealth and high-level guidance on deployments. (PDF - 4.1 MB)

Better Approach to Telehealth

Transforming Public Sector Healthcare

As a worldwide leader in networking, Cisco is well positioned to improve the future of public sector healthcare through networked technologies that transform how people connect, access information, and collaborate. Cisco technologies can benefit all stakeholders: veterans, students, departments of health, and life sciences organizations. Cisco Connected Health solutions make care team collaboration and business efficiency possible and drive a higher quality of care. It is what we make possible.

To align directly with industry needs and to support clear specific benefits, Cisco healthcare solutions are organized into three portfolios:

  • Cisco Care-at-a-Distance and Cisco Clinical Workflow solutions to help enable providers to deliver better care and wellness
  • Compliance and medical device management solutions to help reduce costs and improve productivity
  • Continuing health education and business collaboration solutions to help collaboration and innovation At the core of each portfolio is Cisco Medical-Grade Network, which helps to enable reliable, easy-to-use, and secure health data communications in the healthcare community.

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