Cisco Secure Wireless: Security for Healthcare

University of Kansas Hospital

Fighting ransomware while keeping patients and researchers secure. (2.43 min)

Safeguarding patient information is critical for healthcare providers. From HIPAA regulations for patient record privacy to PCI standards for credit card processing, there are many areas where information can be compromised. Learn how Cisco can help you enable compliance and better address threats by implementing improved security defenses.

Cisco was named "Best Security Company" at the 2016 RSA Conference. Cisco takes a threat-centric approach to security and offers a variety of products that can help keep your patient data safe and secure.

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  • Cisco Security

    Get ultimate visibility and responsiveness with effective security solutions.

  • Cisco Umbrella Security

    Cloud security platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet. Protect users in minutes

  • Cisco Talos

    Cisco Talos provides industry-leading threat intelligence to protect against known and emerging cyber security threats to better protect your healthcare organization.

  • Robust Wi-Fi Network

    A Cisco robust network can help deliver innovative patient care, guest Wi-Fi, streamlined connections between patients and providers, and improved collaboration among colleagues.

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