Cisco Patient Connect

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Deliver personalized information and services at the point of care.(3:20 min)

Connect. Inform. Educate. Engage.

Healthcare delivery is changing and patients are at the heart of it. Patients are better informed, have higher expectations, and compare providers.

Cisco Patient Connect is based on Cisco's decades of healthcare expertise and brings a new set of capabilities to help manage the patient experience in your hospital to support patients, care team staff, and hospital administrators. Patient Connect is designed for the new digital world, so you can connect, inform, educate, and engage across the entire healthcare journey.

Patients receive access to personalized information, educational resources, in-room services, entertainment, and video collaboration, which allow friends and family to communicate easily during hospital stays. Caregivers can track patients progress, respond to requests, and check on patient status from anywhere.

Cisco Patient Connect can be easily integrated with your existing data center technologies to create a single, powerful, patient-centric platform that helps you provide world-class medical care and reduce operating costs.

Empower Patients

Connect with patients at every point in their healthcare journey.

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