Healthcare Intelligent Contact Center

Build Patient Loyalty

Make it easier for contact center agents to proactively address patient requests. (PDF - 347 KB)

Build Patient Loyalty

A More Patient-Centric Call Center

Build deeper relationships with patients, strengthen loyalty, and increase revenue by assisting patients in scheduling appointments and reducing the number of missed appointments. Learn the benefits of a more proactive patient contact model, and escape the largely reactive mode of traditional call centers.

The Cisco Healthcare Intelligent Contact Center platform, combined with qualified agents with knowledge of different clinical applications, makes it easier to create a more patient-centric approach to healthcare. Among its benefits, it:

  • Facilitates easy, simplified access to medical care from anywhere and any device
  • Offers click-to-connect, and click-to-call back with video, voice, chat, and document share, and context share
  • Provides a 360 degree view of the patient in real time
Improve Connections with Patients

Improve Connections with Patients

Boost operational efficiency, cut costs, and improve patient satisfaction. (PDF - 256 KB)

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