Cisco Extended Care

Promoting Patient Engagement

Care teams and patients collaborate online to promote health and wellness.

Promoting Patient Engagement

More Easily Interact with Patients Remotely

Cisco Extended Care is much more than a telehealth solution. It's a powerful healthcare collaboration platform.

Cisco Extended Care transforms the clinician experience by:

  • Unifying communication infrastructure components and devices
  • Simplifying workflows
  • Empowering high-quality, interactive visual communications and collaboration

Healthcare organizations can now use their existing Cisco video devices, or telehealth capabilities built into their provider portals and apps, for a unified visual experience.

And here's what really elevates Cisco Extended Care above the competition: Extended Care is a solution, not a video endpoint. It eliminates disjointed platforms and cobbling together of code with questionable levels of reliability, security, and scalability. It makes it easy for you to bring applications, devices, and networks together.

Extended Care also improves your return on investment (ROI) by building on your current Cisco Unified Communications, collaboration, and video investments.


Integrate Video with Telehealth Workflows

Cisco Extended Care is a healthcare collaboration platform supporting video integration within telehealth workflow. (3:39 min)

Improve Access to Care

Improve Access to Care

Close Gaps in Patient Engagement and Care Management (PDF - 1 MB)

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Improve the Patient Experience

Improve the Patient Experience

Learn more about the features of the Extended Care platform. (PDF - 508 KB)

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