Telework Week

Pledge to Work from Anywhere:

March 5-8, 2013

Telework Week is a nationwide effort to encourage agencies, organizations and individuals to pledge to telework the week of March 5-8, 2013

This year, 136,093 people pledged to participate. The results of this event can be found in the Telework Week Impact Report, which illustrates the impact of last year's event, captures feedback from participants, and demonstrates the potential for telework to deliver significant time, environmental and cost savings.

During Telework Week 2013

  • 136,093 individuals pledged to participate
  • Organizations and employees reported increased employee productivity during Telework Week
  • Participants saved a collective $12,283,937 in commuting costs
  • Participants eliminated 7,892 tons of pollutants

Telework is a win-win-win for employees, agencies/organizations and the environment. It is a critical plank in business continuity planning, recruitment, retention, and real estate cost savings. Telework also supports the Federal government's push to promote green business processes through the Executive Order 13514

Telework Exchange and Cisco Webcast Series: