PacStar Small End Office and Digital Voice Exchange

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PacStar Small End Office and Digital Voice Exchange
(3:18 min)

Learn how the newly certified PacStar Small End Office and Digital Voice Exchange meets strict Department of Defense security and interoperability guidelines.

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STEVE ANDERSON: Hi, this is Steve Anderson with Cisco. Did you know that everyday Cisco replaces 30,000 TDM-based phones? Since we entered the telephony market in 1999, we’ve sold 24 million phones worldwide. Who would have thought that Cisco, a data network company, could reinvent themselves and turn the world of telephony upside down? What happened? Well, in the late 1990s the world of IP hit the global telephony market. Siloed networks and their applications were out and IP network convergence was in. The return on investment was so strong for carriers and customers alike, that soon there were more IP phones being sold than TDM phones around the world. Did you know that in the next couple of years DISA will start migrating telephony WAN from TDM to IP? That’s right, convergence. Voice over IP end-to-end and across the DISN. Are you ready? What’s your plan to get there? Now, I hear you saying it’s not that easy in the Department of Defense. We have certifications for security and interoperability with strict guidelines to follow. You also have a responsibility to leverage legacy telephony investments. Cisco understands. We were the first company to JITC certify Voice over IP in the Department of Defense, and we’re working very closely with DISA today as they move forward toward the convergence. Now, more than ever, Cisco can help. In partnership with PacStar, a newly JITC-certified small end office switch known as SMEO, posted on the approved products list in August 2009. The PacStar 6800 is designed for ease of installation and operation. It’s built to meet both TDM and IP requirements for SMEO with Cisco CallManager under the hood. It’s the answer to IP migration. As DISA transitions to SMEO certification, to Local Session Controller, the PacStar 6800 will follow. Think of it as your bridge to the future. Starting in November 2009, the PacStar 6800 will be orderable through Cisco and our partners. We are ready to deliver JITC-certified solutions from the network up. For more details on this solution and to consult with your Cisco account team on the way forward to convergence, stay tuned to the end of this recording for instructions. The TDM landscape is changing -- are you ready to change now?

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