Cisco Unified Communications for Government: Facilitating Presence and Availability

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Cisco Unified Communications for Government: Facilitating Presence and Availability
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Learn how the presence, availability and mobility applications of a Cisco Unified Communications solution provide better collaboration and more effective and efficient communications.

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BRENT BURNS: Welcome to the Cisco Unified Communications Podcast Series for Government. I'm your host, Brent Burns. Don, thanks for joining us. Tell us a little bit about your background. How long have you been working with government customers? DON WEINER: Thanks, Brent. It's good to be here. Since I joined Cisco in 2000, I've been working with the federal marketplace in both Department of Defense and civilian accounts. BRENT BURNS: On our Unified Communications Podcast Series, we've been talking a lot about different UC applications. One of those that we hear a lot of government customers asking about is presence. What's Cisco's approach to presence? DON WEINER: Presence is a key component in our unified communications strategy. To oversimplify it, presence could be summed up as indicating availability or status. I can draw on resources whether they're across the globe or across the office, and I can do so in a way that's nonintrusive to those users. I can see their status, whether they want to be in a do-not-disturb mode, whether they're on the phone. And by seeing that presence status, I can then use the appropriate mode of communication, whether it's email, instant messaging, a voice call, a video call, starting up a rich media conference, based on that user's current status. So presence, to me, is bringing us back to the environment where we're all in the same office.

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