Cisco Unified Communications for Government: Next-Generation Emergency Communications

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Cisco Unified Communications for Government: Next-Generation Emergency Communications
(9:17 min)

Morgan Wright, Cisco Public Safety Solutions Manager, discusses Cisco's compelling solutions for next-generation Emergency Communications.

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BRENT BURNS: Thank you for joining the Cisco Education and Government Unified Communications Podcast Series. I'm your host, Brent Burns. And a special thanks to our guest today, Morgan Wright. Morgan, tell us a little bit about your background. How long have you been in the public-safety arena? MORGAN WRIGHT:: Well, probably between actually being in public safety and then working in this area, getting close to 26 years. BRENT BURNS I know all of our listeners are familiar with 911 services as they exist today. What are the next-generation 911 services that you're focused on now? MORGAN WRIGHT:: A lot of people, they pick up the phone and they dial 911, and they don't realize how complex it is behind that, because 911 is the only phone number in America that doesn't have a single place where the number goes to. It can go to many places, depending on where you're at. So a lot of people pick up the phone, and sometimes they expect that you're supposed to know everything and sometimes you don't always get it. So the current status still is voice-only. It's supposed to deliver in what they call -- there's a phase 0, 1, and 2, and that's about supplying number information and location information. And not everybody has complete phase 2 compliance, so you're still hearing operators on the phone, call takers, asking, "What's your location, what's your address?" So kind of the current status, it's voice-only; very limited, not a whole lot of way to collaborate or communicate with other agencies, because it's based on strictly some of this legacy technology.

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