Cisco Unified Communications for Government: Hosted UC

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Cisco Unified Communications for Government: Hosted UC
(8:12 min)

Hear the advantages and benefits of a shared or hosted Unified Communications solution over an on-premise solution.

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BRENT BURNS: Welcome to the Cisco Unified Communications Podcast Series for Government. I'm your host, Brent Burns. Good morning, Chris. Thanks so much for joining us today. CHRIS SHENEFIEL: Good to be here, Brent. Thank you. BRENT BURNS: Tell us a little bit about your background. How long have you been working with government customers? CHRIS SHENEFIEL: I've been working in the government vertical market for about five years now. BRENT BURNS:: Can you tell some of the government constituents that are listening about shared voice services? CHRIS SHENEFIEL Shared Services focuses on how government agencies and organizations can build shared infrastructure that can be shared across organization boundaries. Government has grown up as independent silos that focus on the specific mission of the organization. However, there is a significant amount of common infrastructure across organizations that we can share and reuse to reduce our operating costs. And UC, Unified Communications Shared Services is a great example of one of those technology-based approaches that can be a shared resource across all of government organizations.

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