Enhanced Solutions for Classroom Communications

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Enhanced Solutions for Classroom Communications
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Learn how the presence, availability and mobility applications of a Cisco Unified Communications solution provide better collaboration and more effective and efficient communications.

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BRENT BURNS: Thank you for joining the Cisco Education and Government Unified Communications Podcast Series. I'm your host, Brent Burns. Today, we're joined by Chris Barwick and Ken Bywaters. Chris, tell us a little bit about your background. How long have you been working with education? CHRIS BARWICK All right. I have been in the industry for about 16 years. I had an engineering background. I've been both a partner and have been at Cisco for about the last 10 years. I have been focused on public-sector customers, primarily education, for probably about the last 13 years. BRENT BURNS: Well, I look forward to talking to you today about some of the impacts of unified communications in the classroom. What are the issues should we focus on? CHRIS BARWICK: I think, primarily, things have changed, right? Students are very different. They're absolutely multitaskers. Unfortunately, the way that we teach to them really hasn't changed, and this is causing a big problem in the classroom. And so we've got to do different things to engage the students. Any technology that's implemented in the classroom is a good thing, because I think it's going to engage the students. I think one of the things that we see that's challenging is there's, in most situations, not an easy way to implement video in the classroom. You know you got to roll around TVs or, you know, I've got to get a videotape or something else. So that's not very easy to use. And most of the time, what I want from a video perspective is high quality, but I might only need two-to-four minute-long snippets of video. How do I actually play that in the classroom?

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