Collaboration Centers and Integration with Leading Learning Management Systems

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Collaboration Centers and Integration with Leading Learning Management Systems
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Bob Lee, Cisco Education Solutions Marketing Manager, discusses WebEx and Blackboard Integration in the classroom.

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BRENT BURNS: Thank you for joining the Cisco Education and Government Unified Communications Podcast Series. I'm your host, Brent Burns. Today we're joined by Bob Lee. Bob, tell us a little bit about your background. BOB LEE: Well, I spent over 20 years kind of living in the juncture between technology and learning, and have found it to be a fascinating space. About four years ago, I joined the WebEx team -- this is prior to the Cisco acquisition of WebEx -- and then recently joined the Cisco Corporate Marketing organization as an Education Solutions Marketing Manager. BRENT BURNS: I know many of our listeners have heard the term WebEx and may be familiar with what WebEx does, but as a refresher for those that may not be familiar, what's WebEx all about and what's the connection with education? BOB LEE: Well, WebEx got its start about almost 13 years ago, and was one of the pioneers of the web conferencing space, and WebEx had a very strong rise throughout the 10 years of existence prior to Cisco's acquisition of WebEx just a couple of years ago. And what is kind of intriguing about the WebEx model is that, several years ago, WebEx decided that it was going to produce a set of products that were specific to business processes. So rather than just concentrate on web conferencing or web meeting, WebEx also looked at the concept or the process of learning and of marketing and of sales and of support and built specific offerings to meet the needs of those business processes. And when I joined WebEx, my focus was on learning, so I had a well-defined and focused solution set from WebEx that was specifically targeted for the needs of people who wanted to teach and to learn.

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