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Private Cloud: Business Benefits

Get insights on how IT professionals can solve challenges with a private cloud.

Private Cloud: Business Benefits

Agility, Efficiency, and Simplified Delivery

The need for additional agility, as well as efficiency and simplified delivery of IT, is influencing a rapid shift in attitude toward private cloud adoption, and ultimately hybrid cloud computing within the financial services industry. As a recent data point of this shift, a November 2011 survey by Gartner found that cloud computing is the top priority for global financial service CIOs. Thirty-nine percent of those surveyed expect that more than half of their transactions will be supported using cloud infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) by 2015.

There are four primary influences behind adoption of cloud computing within financial services. They include:

  • Simplified delivery of IT - Creating time-to-value differentiation by enabling the deployment of applications, IT services, or infrastructure in minutes on demand across a financial institution
  • Enriched user experience - Providing a consistent, highly secure, and integrated user experience for financial customers and employees that is enabled by the cloud to connect, communicate, collaborate, and execute business
  • Agility - Creating an ability to respond to business demand as and when needed due to an integrated IT supply chain enabled by a flexible and adaptable cloud
  • Efficiency - Providing maximum return on assets with minimum capital invested through optimal use of people, processes, and technologies with a new cloud delivery paradigm

Cisco CloudVerse for Financial Services

Cisco CloudVerse uniquely combines Cisco Unified Data Center, Cisco Cloud Intelligent Network, and innovative cloud services into an integrated architecture that helps financial firms deliver highly secure, cloud-based services.

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