Grid Security

Security Beyond Compliance

Create effective security programs that go beyond compliance with these best practices. (PDF - 818 KB)

Security Beyond Compliance

Simplify Compliance and Build Trust

Learn how to deploy and scale highly secure solutions, simply. (PDF - 320 KB)

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Security for Field Area Network

Security for Field Area Network

Integrating security throughout the network architecture.

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Strengthening Security of Grid Operations and Assets

An Integrated Security Approach

Many of the technologies being deployed to support smart grid projects--such as smart meters, sensors, and advanced communications networks--can make the grid more vulnerable to attack.

Cisco Grid Security solutions deliver an integrated, converged approach to security that:

  • Provides critical infrastructure-grade security to grid systems, data, and assets
  • Monitors the network while mitigating threats
  • Helps secure utility operational facilities

Secure Ops for Utilities

The Cisco Secure Ops Solution is a next-generation cybersecurity, secure-access, and compliance solution for critical infrastructure. The solution provides a highly secure industrial automation and control systems environment to protect workers and remote generation and transmission locations in the Utilities industry. Delivered as a managed service, the Cisco Secure Ops Solution combines on-premises technology and processes to implement and maintain layered security controls.

Cisco Secure Ops Solution: Learn how to more effectively manage cybersecurity risk and compliance requirements in your industrial automation environments. Protect against risks, improve efficiency, and reduce site downtime.


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Grid Security
Smart grids require layered defense mechanisms to detect and mitigate threats.

Security for the Field Area Network

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