Connected Grid Services

Reinforce the Grid

Western Power Distribution shares how it reduced costs, improved efficiency.

Reinforce the Grid

Modernizing the Electric Grid

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Comprehensive Utility Network Planning Services

Address the challenge of modernizing the electric grid with the Cisco Services Connected Grid architecture methodology. Our expert teams guide you through creation of today's powerful integrated communications infrastructures on a project-by-project basis-providing analysis, planning, design, and change management services.

You achieve improved design efficiencies, more compliant security, greater reliability, and reduced risk for system updates, expansion, and smart grid initiatives.

Learn more about Cisco Services for Gridonomics, enabling the junction between policy, economics, and technology: Gridonomics Services Datasheet. (PDF - 4.55 MB)

Support Faster Incident Response

Support Faster Incident Response

Improve service restoration and outage management through improved communications.

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Cisco Services for the Substation

Providing planning, operations, and design solutions for the substation that reduce service disruption for consumers and lower operating expenses for the utility:

Cisco Services for the Field Area Network

Setting the roadmap for the first multi-service communications infrastructure for the FAN to enable Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), Distribution Automation (DA), and Protection & Control:

Cisco Services for Securing the Network

Working with your team to address long-term requirements and achieve compliance with physical and cyber security needs for critical infrastructure:

Cisco Services for the Regional and WAN Architecture

Building powerful enterprise and grid operation solutions that enable scalable and secure data collection and storage solutions for analytics and management systems:

For additional information about Smart Grid services available for utilities and businesses, contact your Cisco representative